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Consistently providing the highest quality, consistent pricing with the largest service area in all Southern California and Las Vegas. Hot mopping is the ultimate time-tested method for waterproofing your shower pan! Guaranteed! Call Now to Request a Quote and Schedule Your Professional Hot Mop Service!

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Having raised the bar for the industry – as a whole. While still outpacing our competitors, with up-to-date and a well-maintained service fleet, top-notch installers , in-house apprentice training program, and the absolute best customer service and office staff that you can depend upon to help you meet the needs of your project – large or small! DKShowerPans has the ability to provide the highest and most consistent quality on all aspects in our business, keeping us head and shoulders above the rest!

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Weather in the field or in contacting our office, DKShowerPans strives to provide the kind of service that exceeds your expectations, our customers, the backbone for success! We do not take that privilege lightly! Contact us to experience the difference you get with DKShowerPans we give you the protection and service you can count on, for your hot mopped shower pan needs! Guaranteed!


After 1st picking up a mop DK quickly moved up the ranks, becoming the top-notch installer, and then to running the entire operation and growth of a Hot Mop Shower Pan Company based in southern Orange county…10 years later comes 2001 and the decision to go on his own was taken!

The expertise he gained by running and expanding that small company gave DK the skills he needed to quickly become one of the best and most reliable small hot mop shower pan providers in Orange & Los Angeles Counties. His devotion to providing the highest quality “on time” service gave him the means to begin his vision: The “Go-to” service with the best on time reputation with the high-quality his clients depended upon!

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DKShowerPans takes pride in maintaining the number of trucks needed to give our clients the best service possible. Continually investing the time and money to insure the high quality standards that make us number one! No matter how big or small your project, we can most certainly schedule and dispatch one or more of our fleet to get your job done, on time and with competitive pricing. So, weather you are a tile or plumbing contractor, owner builder, general contractor, or with a production based project in the works, we have the capabilities to keep pace with your timeline! GIVE US A CALL to experience the difference when you use DKShowerPans for your Hot Mop Shower Pans!


Throughout Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada

Since 2001, we’ve expanded our operations to daily include all counties of Southern California and Southern Nevada.

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Why Hot Mopping?

So much time and thought is put into protecting the outside of your house from water entering and for good cause, water causes damage. Sometimes extensive damage (especially in the cases of a slow leaking shower pan) that can go undetectable for months or even years until it has caused wood to rot, drywall to crumble and molds to form. Repairs can run into the thousands. An average shower uses 25 gallons of water. That’s thousands of gallons a year! Water penetrates the shower (especially were the floor meets the wall) and reaches your showerpan liner to drain to the weep holes at the drain. Water in water out, a tried and true system. That liner is your best defense against water intrusion that can damage your house. Even the smallest leak over time can cause major problems. Let us at DKSHOWERPANS give you the ultimate protection for your projects. Quality product and service, proven track record you will receive that and more.