Water Testing Your Hot Mopped Shower Pan!

Water testing your shower pan is required by local and state codes. It is also required that you have documentation of a the water test to validate your warranty. Water testing can be performed in as soon as 2 hours after your Hot mop is completed by DkShowerPans!

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DK ShowerPans does not do water-testing, it is either the general contractor, plumber, other contractor, and in many cases the owner, that needs to perform this service. Most local and state codes require that the test is for a minimum of 24 hrs.

If you our performing your own water test it can be easily done by following these instructions.

The #1 requirement is that a drain plug is properly inserted into your drain!!!

Here are the 3 most common drain plugs that are used by the construction industry.

1. A solvent welded knock-out plug that is installed at the same time the drain body is installed. Your plumber may or may not be able to do this depending on the pressure test that he may have to perform.

2. A pressure fitted plug that is inserted through the drain assembly after the Hot Mopped shower pan is completed.

3. An inflatables bladder that is inserted through the drain assembly after the Hot Mopped shower pan is completed.

To install type 2 and 3 drain plugs you will need to remove the drain screen from the top of your drain, which is held to the drain body by 2 small screws, or if is an adjustable drain top it can be removed from the main assembly by simply un-screwing. Insert the pressure fitted plug to the bottom of your drain, it helps to tighten it first to slide into the pipe snugly, tighten securely with a pair or pliers or needle nose.

With the bladder plug insert fully into the pipe making sure the safety chain is not below the bladder and inflate with a hand pump to recomended pressure.( it will be labeled on plug, usually no more that 40 lbs)

The pressure fit plug is easily avialible at most building supply and hardware stores and is the easiest to obtain and insert and will work most of the time. You may have to clean up the inside of the pipe to knock down any burrs of debris that may not be letting the rubber seal fully to the pipe.

Fill with water to within 1″ of the top of curb, if there is no sign of water leakage immediately around your hot mopped showerpan and the water does not hold check your plug! Pressure fitted ones sometimes don’t seal do to debris on the inside pipe, or were just not tighten enough, with bladder a leaky value may be the cause. When your pan is filled and holding water, mark water level or measure with tape. Let water stand for a minimum of 24 hours before draining.

Water-testing gives you the knowledge that when completed by DK ShowerPans your hot mopped shower pan is water-tight…as other trades work on the hot mop a few precautions should be taken.

Ladders set directly onto the hot mop can pernitrate, especially on a very hot day, with the weight of some one using them. Dry wall under ladder feet or protecting the whole floor is one way to help prevent this from happening, another common mistake is the use of a bucket as a step. A layer of protection can save a head ache later, construction trash such as drop nails and screw, hardware, scrap lumber, all have a tendency to end up in the hot mopped shower pan, if you have any sign of apparent damage, re-test your pan!!! Hot mopped shower pans stand up well to construction traffic but can be damaged, but can be repaired in most cases with-out complete tear-out if caught early enough!

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