The Advantages of Hot Mopping Your Shower Pan vs Shower Pan Liner!

There are a lot of products on the market that meet the ANSI compliance requirements(A118.10 andA118.12) for shower pan water proofing, but not all are created equal!!!

Many people in and out of the trades wanting to try and save money will tackle the “water-proofing” for there shower pan, and in certain instances it may work out that way.

In this blog we will look into plastic/vinyl based “sheet good” products.

Experienced tile contractors know the importance of the shower pan and take the time and effort to install a quality sheet good shower pan but rarely can that be done as cost effictively as a hot mopped shower pan done by DKShowerPans.

All water proofing systems can and do work, but some even when installed per manufactures instructions have there disadvantages, and as we explore the differances between some of the products currently on the market, and the disadvantages they may impose.

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We at DKShowerPans offer one of the oldest time tested methods for a very competitive price, with a faster install time, backed by a company with 100,000+ hot mopped shower pans completed in its company history! All insurances and workmans comp. up to date. The very best in customer service in the field and in the office!

In this blog we will look into “sheet good” products.

For instance the use of CPE, vinyl, or other “sheet good” products is used by many as it readily available at tile and retail outlets.

We all know how easy it is to install anything per “per manufactures instructions!”

Experience and repetition of practices makes a products performance work!

Any 1st time or limited experience with a product application will have its challenges and set backs and sorry to say maybe the infamous statement “it should be okay?”

For instance folding the inside corners of sheet goods is trying at best! No slicing, cutting is allowed with out the use of additional material being bonded to the surface most companies produce pre-fabracated pieces espeically made for these areas which will need special attention to insure a proper seal, folded inside corners also leave a large “bulge” in the corner which if not taken into account can cause issues with the setting of the tile. Also if not folded correctly it made trap water, never a good thing as the shower itself works on the principal of water in and water out. Allowing no areas the chance of mold growth. Most companies add a anti-microbial ingredient to help prohibit growth.

This is an example of what should not be done! Cut conners and staples below the curb. All covered with the glue that bonds the material together.

When you come to the “Curb” of your shower pan a cut will have to be made for it has to be “rolled” over properly…this is where specialty corner pieces will have to be bonded to your sheet goods, usually with a liquid cement provided by the manufacture.

Here you have a attempt to roll over the curb with out useing a pre-fabricated piece.

They may also have “tape products” and/or tube caulking and adhesives all with there own “manufactures instructions!” That will “bridge the gap” and be completely water proof if applied correctly!

The same goes for any “outside corner” your shower pan may have, the best example would be where bench terminates on the outside face. After the sheet goods are cut and secured the “outside corner” will have to be glued in place.

If your shower pan is to large for the products width you will have to “bond them together” and let “cure” prior to install.

Also bonding to the shower pan drain, and making sure the clamping ring is securely sealed. Again tube caulking and/or adhesives will be needed here also.

Remember that the pre-slope will have to be done and if using a cement based product, it will have to be allowed to set before you can begin.

Getting a flat piece of 30 0r 40 mil “sheet good” material to lay down on the shower pan flooor, roll up the walls, up and over any benches and curb, all with folds and added glued on corners takes a fair amount of skill and practice! To be able to give its best performance.

Or at the very least you will need plenty of patience!

Contractors that do use “sheet good” liners know what it takes to install a proper pan liner and thier cost to install will show just how much effort and time it takes to make sure they have a trouble free shower pan liner.


Here is an example of a properly installed sheet goods shower pan.

Compare it to a Hot Mopped shower pan installed by DKShowerPans!!!


As you can see everthing on a Hot Mopped pan is crisp and clean! No waves or bumps no bulgeing corners. All adheared to its pre-slope and backing not just layin on top or hanging by nails! Curb hot mop is tight and bonded to the wood.

4 layers of tar and 3 layers of paper all bonding together to give you a the best protection for your shower pan! DKShowerPans offers you the very best of the best method of protecting your investment. Call us @ 866.305.4980 to answer any questions you may have!

Call us @ 866.305.4980 for any question you may have. Or better yet call me direct @ 949.485.1613 if you have a unique drain situation. Thanks for reading Jonny