The Advantages of Hot Mopping Your Shower Pan! (Part 3)

There are so many ways to get to the same results for hot mopping!!! Making sure that your shower pan holds water, and drains correctly, especially when it reaches the waterproofing!

hot mop tub 01

Hot mopping is the one with the longest track record in history!

Choosing the right company to do your shower pan,and do it right is important, an average shower of 10 minutes can use up to 20 gallons of water! Over a year that a lot of water far more than the exterior of your house or even your roof! Hot Mopping a shower pan is a specialized skill, and its application by a skilled mechanic is essential! Espically when you are doing that bathroom remodel, we have always addressed the needs to service the remodeling industry while still being able to keep pace with the production work! Clean and neat with proper preperation on your remodel is a must with our employees.

Remember water in and water out that’s the formula for a properly made shower pan!

Tile and grout are not waterproof or meant too be. All the water that falls to the shower pan needs to be directed to the drain. The floor surface material what ever it may be, tile, stone, slab, pebble, or slab, with a 2% slope will channel most of the water to your drain.

Think of your shower pan like a body of water or better yet a river, water flows down hill but at the same time soaks in the earth below…same in your shower pan…water penetrates the surface through the finished surface and grout joints, through the dry pack mortar bed, and reaches the bottom, which unlike the “river bed” we don’t want the water to soak in the “earth” and give water to the surrounding country side ( which in our homes would be our finished and sub wood floors, our carpet, our baseboard, the list can be large on just what water intrusion can damage! which is why the need for a top quality waterproofing material in your shower pan… it is the barrier that keeps the “river flow” from damaging the surrounding building materials and finished surfaces in your home!

Using the river analogy you can see how important the shower pan waterproofing is…and all the steps needed to make sure it is done right!!! Thats why DKShowerPans is number one in the business we won’t Hot Mop a shower pan just for the sake of getting the job done and getting paid… we are an hourly shop, no piece work or quantity minimums for our crews, we always have stressed quality with no short cuts!!!

Our technicians inspect the prep work done prior to performing there job…is all the backing in correctly and nailed securely? Is the drain the correct type? Is it level? Is it set at the proper height? Is the curb the correct for this installation? If there is a bench or seat area, and is it properly sheeted or backed? Plenty of things need to be addressed prior to getting our job done, another reason DKShowerPans is # 1, our customer service and/or office staff will guide you through the steps you need to do to make sure your pan is properly prepared, so we can give you the best in the business!!!

We serve all southern counties of California daily! San Diego, including the outlaying towns in those remote hills, Orange county, Los Angeles proper and surrounding including the high rise wilshire district, through out the inland empire counties of San Bernardino and Riverside, and into Ventura county, we also travel to meet the needs of the out-of-way client base that needs that extra commitment. We also have a division that serves the Las Vegas and surrounding areas in Nevada!!! You can count on DKShowerPans high quality standards were ever your job may be.

Our trucks are safety inspected on a continuous basest, as we do all scheduled maintenance in house! Road and job safety our are always on the agenda in our weekly “tail gate safety meetings” and our 1/4ly safety committee meets.

Our fleet is now at 70% compliance with the new California Diesel Emissions controls being put in place, with our goal to be at 90% by the end of 2014! Way ahead of the curve and time limits set by the state! Our commitment to staying #1 in the business includes all aspects of doing business here in California..

We are fully insured and have full workmans compensation, we are a full service shop with no outside sub-contracts, all certificates are available by request, making sure you have a fully licensed contractor with the capabilities to get your job done no matter the size be it one pan to an hundred, we have the experience and legal qualification’s your job needs!

In a nutshell when your choose DKShowerPans for your Hot Mopping needs, you are getting a specialized contractor, that maintains the largest and most up to date fleet in Southern Cal and Nevada, with the largest service area, fastest service time, all in house trained technicians, which keeps our quality control at its best, quality not quantity is how we have maintained and grown our client base for over 13 years! Top of the line customer service department, on and off site bid proposals, credit cards accepted, accounts available, the best pricing, a customer service department second to none!

DKShowerPans is committed to being the “best in the business”!!!

Call us @ 866.305.4980 for any question you may have. Or better yet call me direct @ 949.485.1613 if you have a unique drain situation. Thanks for reading Jonny