The Advantages of Hot Mopping Your Shower Pan! (Part 2)

There are a lot of products on the market that meet the ANSI compliance requirements(A118.10 andA118.12) for shower pan water proofing, but not all are created equal!!!

We will be comparing cold applied liquid products to Hot Mop applications.

Experienced tile contractors know the importance of the shower pan and take the time and effort to install a quality cold applied shower pan but rarely can that be done as cost effectively as a hot mopped shower pan done by DKShowerPans.

All water proofing systems can and do work, but some even when installed per manufactures instructions have there disadvantages, and as we explore the differences between some of the products currently on the market, and the disadvantages they may impose.

Hot Mop Los Angeles

We at DKShowerPans offer one of the oldest time tested methods for a very competitive price, with a faster install time, backed by a company with 100,000+ hot mopped shower pans completed in its company history! All insurances and workmans comp. up to date. The very best in customer service in the field and in the office!

The more comparisons we make in these blogs between waterproofing methods, the better you will be informed on the durability, cost effectiveness, and quality a hot mopped shower pan gives. especially when you use a company with a track record of excellence and performance like us! DKShowerPans #1 Hot Mop provider in Southern California and Las Vegas!!!

Now as to the availability of roll on water proofing product is good, all the manufactures of tile setting materials have created a roll and brush and/or trowel able one part system…either a elastometric or rubber polymer based system. All tested and approved by the proper industry guide lines…but always read what kind of substrates it can bond to and in what situations!

In the early days of roll on goods (and still in use today!) many layers of waterproofing materials were used…usually with a sheet of fiberglass reinforcing sandwiched between layers and strips of” webbing” used at corners. A time consuming process that takes a number of return trips due to drying time needed better layers and/or coats! Return trips in any business means time and money. Cost effectiveness on smaller jobs is out the door and living up the street!

So products were developed to go on easier, dry faster and give great protection! Always read the fine print! Not all product that roll on can be use with confidence as a shower pan membrane. Even though approved be sure to check with you local building department that the product is approved for shower pans and over the substrate that you have. Some products state not to be used over single layer plywood or wood floors.

An added layer of wood may be needed and all seams and joints on the sub floor may have to be reinforced with blocking for nailing prior to your 2nd layer…Most products call out that no membrane(webbing) is needed! well only if the gap is 1/8″ or less! In the construction world of rough framing where solid blocking is used between studs there will be plenty of areas that will need pre-treatment!!!

This usually consist of filling the areas with an approved filler! latex fortified thin-set mortar is a common call out, make sure to use the same brand as the water proofing as not to void any warranty! Some call for a webbing fabic to cover the corners and/or your pre-treated areas, and donts forget any seams, cracks, joints or irregularites 1/8″ or greated of course, allowing for drying time (cure) between coats.

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