Remodeling Your Bathroom and Hot Mopping Your Shower Pan

Missed writing last weeks blog, but had a lot going on!!! Hot Mopping in San Diego! A number of jobs that needed attention…drain issues! imagine that!

Hot Mopping in Orange County has also been busy…

People have a lot of questions when there contractor informs there remodeling clients that the “Hot Mop” will be done on such and such a date and time. A few of the most common questions and concerns are

hot mop

How bad and how long will the smell last?

We at Dk ShowerPans use a odor-encapsulating product by United asphalts. Listed as there No-Smell product it reduces the odor by 75 to 85% easily! Cost per keg is higher but we at Dk ShowerPans feel the cost is worth the clients comfort. With windows open the odor usually dissipates with-in the hour and most clients, even those that are sensitive to unfamiliar smells, are comfortable after 2 hours.

Some smoke will be caused when the hot asphalt is applied and can cause smoke alarms to go off. Please turn off any alarms or cover with plastic to prevent a false alarm and worry.

How messy is the Hot Mop process?

No doubt an inexperienced installer can and does make a mess of things…especially when you have a live-in project, up the stairs, over carpet, new cabinets, and a host of other scenarios that comes with doing a remodel project.

We started out servicing the remodel industry and have always maintained the value of having the technicians that understand the need for crisp, clean, and sanitary work practices in all job situations. Clean tarps and paper to cover floors and walls. Tape off and cover existing work as needed.

Our trucks carry all the supplies needed to get in and out of your job in a professional manner.

How long before I can perform a water test?

A water test should be done on your completed Hot Mop shower pan prior to any other work being done, and is required by building codes. Dk Shower Pans does not perform water tests. After 3 Hours water can be put into your shower pan and should come within 1″ of the top of the curb. A common mistake is that a test plug is not inserted correctly or at all. After 24 hours remove the test plug and drain, this is time to make sure that the weep holes are working properly, weep holes allow the water to drain that weeps though the tile, grout joints, and motor bed, all this is below the drain top, and is a very important function of the shower pan drainage system, clogged weep holes can cause mold growth, water build up in pan causing water migration to the outside of your shower. Tile and grout discoloration. It is very important that the tile setter uses the proper method to protect the weep holes from getting clogged when mudding in the shower pan floor.

Notice the in the picture that on a 3 bolt drain has 3 weeps, these are slot and holes that are at the bottom of the drain collar. You can see on the right side weep the installation bolts for this no-caulk Drain by Plumbing Product Inc. This is the drain that we supply and install when requested. This drain also fits the Ebbe Hot Mop Adaptor, which turns this regualar stack drain into an adjustable height stack. Ebbe offers a a stylist square top drain in a number of finishes to go with its adaptor or in can be used with a standard screen round type.

More questions answered next blog and some good news on a liner drain product!!!

Call us @ 866.305.4980 for any question you may have. Or better yet call me direct @ 949.485.1613 if you have a unique drain situation. Thanks for reading Jonny