Hot Mopping the Best Value for your Dollar!

We all like to save money when we can, as the margins for profit or getting the value out of the dollars we spend seems to be shrinking all the time!

Hot Mop Stand Up Shower

Thats why Hot Mopping for Shower Pans has stood the test of time as the premiere water proofing choice of the professionals and the savvy do it yourselfers!!!

New ideas and innovations are always a welcome change, espically when they can beat out an older technology by giving the consumer better quality at a better price!

Has’nt happened yet in our trade!!! Hot Mopping remains the the best value for a top quality time tested waterproofing system for decades!!!

Labor costs are the most watched item in any construction budget…so getting the job done for the right price is always a priority.

Next it seems to be time!!! When ever anything takes more time than expected it tends to cost us more money…

Then its materials…inching up all the time!

Then we have the operating costs of all the equipment and office to keep the busniess running smoothly! A must to keep clients and gain new ones!

Last but hardly least its the cost of doing business here in California!!! Taxes, fees, workmans comp, liability insurance and a host of other costs that keep rising as the economy inches forward…

Its a wonder that we can afford to be in business at all!!!

But we are, and the biggest in the business! We do all that we can to keep our cost competitive and still be able to give you, the hard working professionals and contractors out to please their clientèle and support there own families, and here is how we do it.

Our Labor: We have a highly skilled in house trained work force that helps keep our labor costs to a known percentage, as volume goes up apprentice is hired to be trained by our journeymen installers…a process that can take up to 2 years! Slow but steady growth in this frail economy is the new norm…we took a major hit as all those in construction did but we were able to keep our work force at its best…the more skilled your labor force the better operating cost are kept down!!!

The Time Factor: Having the largest fleet of trucks to serve all of Southern California(and Las Vegas) we are able to schedule your job with-in a 2-hour window! Our highly trained technicians will come to your job and be ready, either new construction, remodel, high rise, commercial, track or hillside!! All trucks come fully prepared for your unique (or straight forward!) job conditions. Hot mopping is the least time consuming shower pan waterproofing method out there!!! no dry time for seams, no wait for pre-slope cure, no special glues or caulking, if your pan is ready when we get there it will be done and ready to be filled with water (we don’t fill your pans! sorry, but for a nominal cost we can put a plug in for you if needed!) for your water test that day!!! One other thing that makes Hot Mopping your shower pan the way to go is the ability of hot mop to be able to conform to almost any configuration of your shower, those circle and round corners…multitude of angles…odd shapes… very rarely is there a pan that can not be hot mopped to perfection!!!

The materials costs: something we all battle with either in the trades or at the retail level…as you know as things seem to improve prices go up, no breaks for us or the consumers!!! Buying power is what helps us keep our costs down and is how we remain competitive with others in the trade, those that have the proper insurance, liability, and workmans comp credentials. Beware of the un-licensed and under insured!!!

How we operate is a reflection on how well we do, reinvestment into the work horses of our business, our trucks has been achieved! we have updated our fleet 3 years running and will be CARB complaint long before needed, well trained staff, long term central location, steady growth projections, we are a efficient, on time, customer service orientated company. Take care of your customers and they take care of you!!!

Its tough on small business in Southern California and being able to stay competitive as the company gets larger and more competitive is a ongoing story in its self…the rise in taxes, fees, insurance, fuel, affects us all, so each job well done is a referral for the next, on time and professional, a referral for the next, strict guide line for you showerpan before its hot mopped heads off potential problems in the future, it costs the company money when things are not ready and lets face it, some companies will go ahead and hot mop what you got, as you are responsible for the prep, not their problem…sorry to say it happens alot…again Beware of the un-licensed and under insured!!! DKShowerPans places you the consumer first on the list of prioritys and we thank those companies that have been using us for years and to those home owners that are still enjoying there bath room remodel, the tile contractor who depend on us to stay on schedule, the high rise clients who know we can handle the intricacies and extra effort it take for those tuff situations, the general contractor who needs one less worry on his plate, the plumbing contractor, custom home builder and a host of others that depend on us! we thank you and look forward to serving your needs!!!

Call us @ 866.305.4980 for any question you may have. Or better yet call me direct @ 949.485.1613 if you have a unique drain situation. Thanks for reading Jonny