Hot Mop my Shower Pan…Who should I use?

Part of my job entails a lot of driving around…consulting and bidding jobs, meeting contractors with difficult custom applications, and my favorite: cold calls at construction sites…nothing like a face to face with a builder to sell your services, old school it is, seems with all the ways we can communicate today, the one on one shake your hand kind of service still imparts a since of knowledge and idea exchange you can’t get from electronic communication so i am happy that i can work in both worlds!!!

My observations and the fact of what I am seeing, that as work has picked up and as more and more hot mops are getting done. (Not a brain buster there!!!) more single kettle hot moppers are jumping in. I have been seeing 25 gallon kettles in the back of small pick-ups, pushed up on an flat bed, even inside a van, lots of tow behinds and trailers packed with materials and more to the point as it concerns you and benefits DKShowerPans, the smaller companies are swamped and they are turning down work or worst being late or being a no show, (we get more than a few new clients that way), or having to put in longer hours to meet there work load, an accident waiting to happen, if it carries on for too long.

Lots of men slinging a mop, some back from the busier days, some roofers trying to get off the roof, and a host of others with varying amount of experience.

Roofers were the norm back in the day to get your pans mopped, as they were the ones with the kettle!!! We still replace pans done by inexperienced roofers. hot mopping a shower pan, is a whole different world then mopping in 2 plys and a cap sheet! being able to do a properly done shower pan, entails correctly takes a number of different steps, pre-slope, crisp clean corners, drain attachment, bench application’s, odd shapes, keeping it clean in remodels, avoiding water pockets in your top coat (a must know in LA county they are one of the toughest on shower pan inspections!) all these are learned with teaching and experience. DShowerPans offers you all the needed qualities yo need in getting a top notch, on time, in budget, professional hot mopped shower pan, backed by a company known for its reliability and work ethnic, devoted to giving the construction community the best customer service available. (My bid and trouble shoot vehicle)

Dk Shower Pans - Installer

One of the last older trucks from our fleet idle as a spare when service is needed on another!

Our staff will guide you through the process of making your shower pan ready, quote you a price, give you the earliest install date or one you can put on your calender, give a call the day before with a 2 hour window of your start time…we run a tight ship on punctuality and do our very best to accommodate to the needs of your project, we run 2 days out and service all of Southern California daily.

We also serve th Las Vegas area on a as needed basis, and the mountain communities and “out of the way places”in both states, it is surprising some of the places we have been called out too.

Ask before you buy! always a good policy! Questions like; how long have they been in business and in that location?, what is there contractors number and is it in good standing?, liability insurance?, how long will my job take and when will they show up? Are they going to make a mess? Is the truck going to make a mess? All these should and any others concerns you may have should be answer easily and efficiently by who answers you call.

Competition is the construction industry can be brutal, but it helps all of us to give our best in competing for your business!

A solid reputation of quality work, a solid pricing policy, a friendly and knowledgeable office staff, a dedicated customer service division, job site bid services as needed, production, standard and custom job applications are a few of the things you get when choosing DKShowerPans.

Early morning leaving the shop the newer trucks are built much stronger we are a GM work truck company!

We have able to provide service to the many different types of contractor that need a dependable waterproofing method which hot mopping has proved itself for decades!!!

Some of those we serve include: tract home production plumbers and builders, re-modeling general contractor, custom home builders, tile contractors, residential plumbers, high rise re-modelers, commercial contractors, owner builders, and a host of others!

We are able to accomplish this by maintain a highly experienced installers and keep to our motto that is it quality not quantity that keep standards high!!! We are not a piece work shop Our crews know what is expected of them and quality controls keep us on top of our game!!!

Give us a call, ask us the questions, get a quote, and compare with any others you are considering we strive to do our very best both in the field and in the office!

Call us @ 866.305.4980 for any question you may have. Or better yet call me direct @ 949.485.1613 if you have a unique drain situation. Thanks for reading Jonny