The Hot Mop Shower Pan Learning Center

The hot mop process is quick, easy, and most importantly, attentive. The process generally only takes about an hour and a half to craft, and about two hours to dry. We protect your floors with drop cloths, so even in the minimal chance of a mistake, there is always back-up protection.

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How to Clean Shower Drain Weep Holes

In this article, you will learn how to find and properly clean your weep holes before tile installation. Contact us today!
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What Are Weep Holes? (Definition, Types, & Importance)

Weep holes serve an important purpose in shower drains. A weep hole is a passageway for water to escape a building envelope.
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The Advantages of Hot Mopping Your Shower Pan! (Part 3)

Choosing the right company to do your shower pan,and do it right is important. We always have stressed quality with no short cuts.
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Still More About Drains and Hot Mopping

Here again are the basics that have to be followed with any standard drain application that is going to be Hot Mopped.
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Hot Mop my Shower Pan. Who should I use?

Our staff will guide you through the process of making your shower pan ready, quote you a price, give you the earliest install date.
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Orange County’s “Go-To” For Hot Mopped Shower Pans

Hot mopped shower pans is a process through which asphalt and tar paper are used to create a full certain waterproof impermeable layer.