Be ready for your Hot Mop! The Holidays are Upon Us!

Hello all!

The holiday season will begin in earnest after this week and there are many people with bathroom remodels that they would like to finish or at least keep on schedule!!!

We at DKShowerPans have been thru this for many years now, and would like to let you know that with the largest fleet and largest service area we can meet your needs!!!! Saturdays fill up fast so try and call in by Thursday morning to get yourselves a spot, especially those of you down San Diego way!!!

Making sure you are ready is always important, but over the holidays it seems that things get hurried up and some things tend to be pushed out of our thought as another one replaces it!!!

Alot going on. Usually if some minor problems exists, that a on site carpenter/handyman can take of we can accommodate by waiting a few minutes…but with a lot of people wanting either a earlier time or one of our other crews need help to finish up, or an extra pan that was added on a job, or a size that was called in wrong and will need more time to finish, whew these are typical problems that we deal with everyday, but over the holidays it seems just to steam roll.

Here are some of the problems that we encounter most:

shower pan hot mop 01

This pan was called in as a 3×5 with a bench. As you can see the face and top are not solid, and there is no backing were the bench top meets the rear wall

What a difference! Solid top, face and side leading into the shower! More than enough height on the backing at the bench top wall!

Also notice the backing at the far wall where it runs down the face of the bench, it covers the area were the bench meets the wall and down the vertical face of the bench!

This is a very nicely preped shower pan ready for hot mop!

Drains, drain height when set and holes around the drain are another problem that occurs:

Here you can see that a new drain had been set in a concrete slab. This was set flush with the existing slab and level and even had a EBBe hot mop drain adapter to give it a square head adjustable drain screen. The only thing that was neglected was to fill in around the neew drain with concrete or mortar to give that area a solid base around the drain. Very important as it locks in the drain to prevent movement that can cause cracking in the hot mop or if the void is left or filled will a soft fill (sand) it would remain spongy and with construction traffic cause the hot mop to tear, both lead to pan failure!

Here is a extreme example of what we run into at times. It happens more often that you would think! Plumbers think the general contractor will do and visa-versa! The hole never gets filled and still gets call in as ready to hot mop.

At this drain change-out a adjustable drain was needed to make a recessed pan work as a walk-in curb-less shower. You can see the new concrete patch around the drain area and that has set-up completely, and with a little cleaning of concrete slag it is ready to be pre-sloped and hot mopped!!!

Here we have a shower pan that has about as many “not readys” as you can get! This pan is being well thought out as the contractor had call me prior to its install to see exactly what he needed to have ready before we came out!!!

The home owners asked for a walk-in curb-less shower in the master bath. The contractor had the slab poured with the correct recess. The depths is 3″ but you can see that the slab ecge is wider than the bottom plate of the framing.

This will need to be cut, chipped, and smoothed out flush. No backing in walls, an easy as the framers were still on the job. As you can see the drain box is still covering the DWV connection so no drain has been installed. No curb is needed as the recess is at the correct depth to serve as the curb for the hot mop.

Call us @ 866.305.4980 for any question you may have. Or better yet call me direct @ 949.485.1613 if you have a unique drain situation. Thanks for reading Jonny