After the Hot Mop, What happens now?

hot mop shower 03

When we leave your job your hot mop is still hot and needs time to cure!!!


2 to 3 hours are needed to let the asphalt cool down enough to set…If your not on fast track, waiting overnight is ok too!

Our next step is getting it ready for the water test.

Every pan should be water tested for a minimum of 24 hours.

DKShowerPans does not do water testing! It is the responsibility of Owner/Builder or the general contractor who in turn may assign it to his crew or the plumber or expect the Hot Moppers to do it!!! Its best to ask the question first of who as to avoid any confusion.

You can read the our blog on water testing your Hot Mopped shower pan.


Here is the short version…remove the drain screen only!!! Do not loosen any bolts!!!The only thing that you need to remove are the 2 small phillps screws that hold the screen on. Or twist off the adjustable drain screen, depending on which type of drain you have chosen!

Insert a test plug securely and add water to with-in 1″ ot the top of the curb.

Lets it sit for 24 hours and check for leaks around the perimeter some, if the water level has fallen dramatically and there is no evidence of any water, pull the plug and clean the area inside the drain and plug, re-insert, tighten up the test plug, use pliers or needle-nose to get it snug plus a extra turn and re-fill with water.

Your Hot Mop can stand up to construction traffic, but it is not impervious to damage. The most common mistakes and/or work related incidence include: ladders on the hot mop with-out protection multiple layers of cardboard work well) nails and/or screws dropped on floor an walked on, buckets put directly on hot mop or used upside down as seats or step stools, shovels or trowels used to clean up with…

Remember if in doubt that damage has happened, retest!!! It is repairable at this point in this stage of your project, but if the tile gets started and you do find damage the chances of it getting repaired go down drastically…a full tear out may have to done and you are starting over! Time and money down the drain so to speak, instead of just water from our test! If you have questions of concerns always re test its easy and lets you know at any stage that the shower pan intregrity has not been compromised!

A little common sense is really all that is needed to keep your pan protected! Hot moppping has proved itself for decades of being one of the most dependable methods of water proofing and we at DkShowerPans take pride in making sure that you are getting the best possible job that your money can buy!!! No shorts cuts on materials, only highly trained installers, we wont do a job if its not ready and we will answer any questions and tell you how to make it right for the hot mop so you dont have any issues of problems down the road!!!

Your satisfaction of product and service is what keeps us in business!!!

Thank you for using DKShowerPans!!!

Call us @ 866.305.4980 for any question you may have. Or better yet call me direct @ 949.485.1613 if you have a unique drain situation. Thanks for reading Jonny